10 Things I Learned From Doc Brown (in no particular order)

Revenger #3 is out, check it.

After an interlude to introduce Sovereign and a long wait, the next issue of Revenger is done! Go to revengercomic.com where we’re putting up new pages every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through the end of August. It’s our most ambitious issue yet, clocking in at 16 pages. And, of course, if you haven’t read the previous issues, they’re all up there too so you can start at the beginning. Enjoy and thanks for the support!

Sometimes Superman is Just a Hug.

There was this one time Superman saved a young girl from committing suicide. He didn’t do it in any sort of flashy way. In fact, he didn’t even use his super powers to stop her from splattering all over the pavement at the last minute…

Superman prevented the tragedy by talking to the girl and then giving her a hug. It seems naive to think a hug can mean that much. But wait up! Think about how you felt the last time someone gave you a hug and meant it. That kind of feeling would make you reconsider suicide.

Give someone a hug. Even if you don’t literally save a life, you’ll be making it better. Plus, you’ll be more like fucking Superman!

Do Superheroes Daydream? An Interview with the Original Sovereign.

On the anniversary of his death, the UltraCity Ledger is reprinting an excerpt from one of our most memorable interviews our beloved hero, Sovereign.

UCL: For the longest time, I’ve wondered about something. Do superheroes daydream?

SOVEREIGN: That’s a clever question. I’ve never gotten that one before. “Do superheroes daydream?” Well… hmmm… I guess daydreams are inevitable for any self aware consciousness with the capacity for imagination. Right?

UCL: I don’t think I follow.

SOV: Self awareness means understanding you are a consciousness that is unique, if not separate, from the universe you inhabit. Given imagination, the first thing you’ll do with it is imagine what you’d like to be and what the kind of universe you want to exist within. That is, essentially, a daydream. Some may stop using their imagination early on, some may keep using it as a guiding principle to shape the universe around them but they will all have done some amount of daydreaming.

UCL: Ok, I see where you’re going with that. Would you say superheroes, then, are the kind who stop using their imagination early on or keep daydreaming?

SOV: What you call “superheroes” are just a subset of conscious beings that want to make the universe a better place. The larger set includes doctors, soup kitchen volunteers, firefighters, astronauts, police officers, community planners, teachers, environmental researchers, and loving parents, just to name an infinitesimal fraction. These people–these self aware consciousnesses–use their imaginations more than most. Their imaginations give shape to the idea of what that a better universe could be. That idea becomes the impetus for them to do what they do. And anything that uses its imagination so often, so powerfully and so effectively is bound to daydream often. Sorry, I think I went on a bit of a tangent there! Short answer: if other superheroes are anything like me, they never stop daydreaming.

UCL: So what do you daydream about?

SOV: I… well… Kinda cornered me with this question, haven’t you?…. I daydream about having a regular 9 to 5 job in an office. A job where the only person looking over my shoulder to see what I’m doing is my boss. And if I make a mistake the worst that can happen to anyone is I’m fired and need to find a new job. I daydream about coming home, helping my children with their homework, eating dinner with the family and then vegging out in front of the TV with my wife. Sometimes I have a daydream in which I open the fridge, see I’m out of milk, run to the grocery store to buy some and it’s completely uneventful and no one recognizes me even though I’m not wearing a disguise.

UCL: That’s interesting.

SOV: And by “interesting” you mean I sound like a condescending ass!

UCL: No, not at all, I just meant–

SOV: It’s ok. I know that’s exactly what that sounds like to most people. It’s understandable. Here I am, someone with extraordinary abilities that gets to use them on some pretty intense adventures and I said I daydreams about being completely average. I don’t blame you for thinking I’m being a jerk or trying to look good in an interview. But I assure you, it’s neither. That’s just honestly what I daydream about. A lot.

UCL: Why do you think that is?

SOV: We all want something that’s out of our reach, or at least vastly different from our daily existence. Those things are like rocket fuel for fantasies. What is average to the majority of people is light years away my daily existence. I can fly to the moon on a whim but I can’t catch a matinee at the local multiplex in my sweatpants without crowd control and ignoring the voices I hear around town calling for help. So I find myself daydreaming about a world in which I could do that kind of stuff. But, don’t feel sorry for me! If I was living that other life, I’d probably be daydreaming about this one. That’s part of how the universe works, I guess.


[Sovereign created by my partner in comic book crime, Michael Powell. He also provided the sweet artwork! Remember you can see more of our stuff, including a story with Sovereign II, son of the character in this story, at revengercomic.com – Ro]

Revenger Gets Some Publicity Love

I know I’ve been crazy delinquent about posting in the past few months (the “updates Mondays” tag should really go, shouldn’t it?). But at least it’s not from lack of fun, interesting work on my plate. Work like Revenger #3. In fact, Revenger artist Mike Powell and I were interviewed by @DarXideXPress for eXpertComics! Read the full interview here. And, for your comic reading pleasure (plus to prove I haven’t really just been sitting on my ass watching TV for the past few months) , here are the prologue pages from the next Revenger story we’re working on:

Revenger #3 Page 1

Revenger #3 Page 2

Revenger #3 Page 3

To be continued next month!


Depressing but fun to write!

He plucked the flower with his massive hand. Its roots strained to hold onto the dirt in between the cracks of pavements where it had grown. The guy gave it to his girlfriend, who was standing by the fountain whose overflowing water had fed the little flower. She kissed him and their romance flourished but at what a price. Poor little flower, just another sacrifice for love.

This super-short story was inspired by a roll of story dice. Yes, the image is photoshopped. I didn’t take a picture of the dice, so take my word for it.

Batman & The End of the World

WARNING: Spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises abound in this article.

Art via cakesandcomics.com (click to visit)

My friend and I were talking about a lot of things the other night. Mostly about The Dark Knight Rises and two girls we knew got married this past weekend. We talked about how fucking crazy the 00’s were and all the nonsensical shit that happened in our lives. We talked about how Christopher Nolan‘s Batman movies encapsulated so much about this time period, while also standing alone as a statements about the human experience.

In conclusion we hoped that The Dark Knight Rises may give us an ending not just to this particular Batman story but to an entire era of human bullshit that reach its peak in the past decade.

Yes, part of of what made the 00’s crazy was 9/11. That shit was earth shattering, literally, for those of us alive today. There’ve been other events of this magnitude, or greater, in the past but nothing that most generations alive today were around experience. We’ve all seen a lot of fucked up shit but a massive attack, successful executed on the homeland of the world’s most powerful country trumps all that. It shattered any illusion we may’ve held about finding a place that’s guaranteed to keep us safe. It showed us that nothing – not the best army nor the most money – could necessarily keep us from losing our lives in the blink of a crazy person’s eye.

But then Batman comes along and says “fuck it, there are better options.”

I believe The Dark Knight Rises is not just an awesome movie that ends an awesome trilogy of entertainment. I think it’s a message in a bottle, even if the people making the movie didn’t realize it. It tells us a story that, before any of us saw it, didn’t realize we wanted. I think if you told people how this movie would end before they saw it, they would say it’s antithetical to all that makes Batman such a popular character. Yet, when we see that closing scene with Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, it brings an uncontrollable smile to even the most cold hearted person’s face.

Who ever thought you could actually end Batman’s story with “and they lived happily ever after?”

And I hope that reflects the end of the world we’ll see in 2012. I’m tired of living in a world that expects heroics to end in tragedy. In second movie of Nolan’s trilogy an idea is stressed that can sum up an entire epoch of human history: “you can either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” In The Dark Knight Rises Batman gives us a new and much better option:

“Be a hero then retire to Italy with Catwoman.”

Count me in.